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Every year, more than 60,000 people rely on care from Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital. Each with a unique story and your generosity plays a big part in their healthcare journey.

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PSFDH Stories

Aida’s Story

On Sunday December 18th we met with a young woman who wanted to share her story (below) of the care she received over the summer in the Emergency Department at the Smiths Falls site of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.
Her and her family wanted to thank the hospital and paramedic staff for saving her life as well as make a donation to our Foundation.

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Amanda and Jon Kenny, with newborn Olivia

This was Amanda’s first baby, and she was scared and unsure of herself, but the nurses, she says, were so competent, calm and kind, and made her feel comfortable and cared for “no matter what I looked like!” said Amanda.

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Beechey Family Story

“I use the hospital, so it seems to me, if you use something and they don’t charge you, you should give something back. In return I get the personal satisfaction of knowing I’ve contributed to my community.”

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Generous donors - people like you - help us to maintain the high standard of patient care that we are proud of and expect from our hospital