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“Imaging Saved My Life” Barry Brady’s Story

Imaging saved my life!

‘In 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In preparing for radiation, an MRI and CT scan identified that I had a large aortic aneurysm that needed immediate attention.

This resulted in co-ordination between my oncologist, radiology, and vascular surgeon. I had to double up my radiation appointments as well as had to travel to the Civic Hospital for another MRI and numerous other tests that were required prior to surgery.

Both he and his granddaughter were born here. He has had many visits to the hospital over the years due to sports injuries and surgeries.

My doctors still tell the story that cancer saved my life – because the required imaging found the aneurysm.
In 2020, imaging and other tests identified the need for an emergency triple by-pass.

Post Covid lockdowns, a spot was detected by my eye doctor who in turn notified my family doctor. An urgent CT scan of my neck was ordered and luckily it was able to be done here in Smiths Falls. This CT imaging was once again life saving as it showed that I had a blocked carotid artery, requiring immediate surgery to avoid a stroke.

Having access to care close to home is so important!’ – Barry Brady

Barry and his family have a long history with the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

In high school he worked as a member of housekeeping, his brother was a hospital administrator, and his mother was a lab / ECG tech.
He wanted to share his story to help spread awareness for the importance of having an MRI close to home for our community.
Barry’s story exemplifies how vital access to diagnostic imaging is.

Having an MRI close to home not only alleviates stress associated with travelling to a larger city for testing but ultimately it will save lives.