You may have heard the amazing news that the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has been given the opportunity to purchase an MRI!

The Ontario Government does NOT pay for equipment and machines like an MRI, and it is only with donors’ generous investments that Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation can make this happen.

Care close to home


Having quality care available close to home helps eliminate the need to drive to the city, saving patients and families travel time and associated travel costs.

What is an MRI?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a specialized imaging test that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed 3D images of organs and structures inside your body. Healthcare providers use MRI to evaluate, diagnose and monitor several different medical conditions not visualized well with other imaging tests.


The Diagnostic Imaging team at PSFDH is very excited to be able to offer state of the art MRI services to our patients we serve. This MRI enhances diagnosis and allows your treating physician to provide faster and better care.”

-Dr. Nimish Parikh, Clinical Chief, Radiology


Find out how you can help…

Finally, after waiting months, you get a call for an appointment for an MRI. The appointment is at midnight in Ottawa or Kingston and if you choose not to take that appointment, your wait time could be extended by weeks or months. Now that you have that long awaited appointment date, you may have to arrange for a ride to and from the city, childcare, and/or time off work that night or the next morning. Nervous and exhausted, you make the long trip to the city late at night.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation. It is a daily reality for patients throughout our region.

The PSFDH Foundation has committed to a 3-year, $6.1 Million campaign to bring an MRI to our community and we need your help!

By investing in an MRI at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, you will be a part of a game-changing moment for our communities.

Together, your contribution will help increase access to vital diagnostic services to support care, close to home for thousands of patients.

We need YOU now more than ever!

You may have just made a generous gift, or this may be a period of financial hardship for you and your family right now. Support for PSFDH is more than just giving a gift, it’s showing how much you value and appreciate their actions for our community. Please give when you can, share our information with a friend, like and share our social media pages, and join our mailing list for the latest news!

Cost Breakdown


The PSFDH Foundation works with our community to raise and steward funds for projects and services for health care at our hospital.

Provincial government funding models do not cover equipment like an MRI. Generous donors – people like you – help us to maintain the high standard of patient care that we are proud of and expect from our hospital.

New equipment has a ripple effect, attracting new doctors and clinical staff to a community, along with new techniques and renewed economic prosperity.

Every dollar raised helps keep care close to home for our community!

$4.1MCOST OF THE MRI MACHINE(including installation and setup)

$2M renovation cost